5 Top Medical Journals to Publish Research Paper

Medical Journals
Medical students and researchers also need to publish their research papers. When your research paper is published in a top medical journal it increases the citation. For every field of study different journals are published. Every field of study has multiple journals. The journals are raked according to impact factor. Impact factors tell about how many time the work included in a journal is cited or referred by others. The competition between the journals for the top ranking is a way to produce more high quality and valuable research papers. In the field of medical science there are different journals that are publishing research papers periodically. Among all these journals the top 5 medical journals are discussed by a dissertation writing service in this article.

New England Journal of Medicine:

New England Journal of Medicine is considered as the top most medical science journal. It is offering doctors, medical scholars, and medical science teachers, valuable data and information. On a yearly basis more than five thousand research papers are published in New England Journal of Medicine. The reason why it is considered the top-notch journal of medical science is because it has high quality research papers that are reviewed by five experts.

Before publication, these research papers are statistically reviewed as well. Its article group utilizes exacting article, peer, and measurable audit cycles to assess compositions submitted for publication. Just as evaluating for logical precision, oddity and significance, they ensure that the creators have unveiled all pertinent monetary relationships to guarantee the substance is liberated from outside impacts. New England Journal of Medicine is available in one hundred and seventy-seven countries. New England Journal of Medicine is weekly published by Massachusetts medical society.

The Lancet:

The Lancet is the world oldest medical journal which is published by Elsevier. It is considered as the second best journal in the field of medical sciences. It is an open source journal. The claim to fame month-to-month journal covers points like diabetes and endocrinology, worldwide wellbeing, hematology, HIV, irresistible illnesses, nervous system science, oncology, psychiatry, and respiratory medication. Elsevier is publishing ten other medical journals, and alone the Lancet has the rating of 59.102. The Lancet has more than one million users. Getting your research paper published in this journal is very difficult. Their standards for the research paper are very high and that is why it is considered the most trusted and credible source of information.

The Journal of the American Medical Association:

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is an American medical journal. It is published forty eight times in a year. In The Journal of the American Medical Association the original articles related to biomedicine are published. It also has an app available on app store. The JAMA network is also providing podcasts on its important clinical topics. It is the most widely followed journal. There are publishing articles related to interior medication, nervous system science, oncology, ophthalmology, head and neck medical procedure, pediatrics, and psychiatry.

The British Medical Journal:

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) was previously called the Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal. The British Medical Journal is an online journal and its all articles are open access and freely available. The BJM, subsidiary of the British medical association is publishing The British Medical Journal. It is a peer reviewed journal. The research papers and articles published in The British Medical Journal are unique and authentic articles that are supported by strong evidence. They are also publishing Student British Medical Journal on monthly basis. The subscription of The British Medical Journal costs £265.

Annals of Internal Medicine:

Annals of Internal Medicine is published by American college of physicians. It is among the top five medical science journals. The journal includes research papers, articles, and reviews. Its subscription fee of this journal is $483. It is online published on weekly basis and in print it is published twice in a month. The journal includes articles and research papers related to health policies, medicine history, art of medicine, and medical education.

The Bottom Line:

The field of medical is huge and there is a colossal measure of examination and clinical preliminaries being done everywhere on the world. The most ideal approach to keep up to date with front line research is by filtering through logical diaries which are promptly accessible on paper and on the web. Most clinical diaries are peer surveyed, in this manner keeping up the norm and nature of the substance.

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