How Has Globalization Impacted Society?

Due to lots of progress in the field of science and technology, we are able to interconnect all the countries. A process in which people, companies and government of different countries interact with each other for the purpose of interaction and integration is known as globalization. From the economic point of view, there includes goods, services, capital, technology and data in the globalization. Modern transport and communication modes have become the causes of improvements in globalization. To get globalization assignment help, you can get help from experts in cheap dissertation writing services. Some impacts of globalization on the society are given below;

Positive impacts of globalization on the society

By attentively reading some demographic segments of society, we can easily get an idea about the positive impacts of globalization on the society. These positive impacts are given below;

1) Globalization can create a global market in society. Some emerging markets in the world are the result of the privatization of the industries which are owned by their states. After privatization of these industries, their owners have expanded their value chain at the international level. As a result, some multinational corporations are created.

2) Cross-cultural management is also a positive impact of globalization. Its reason is that due to globalization, there are some special products which are available almost in different countries. As a result, Western culture, language and style are adopted in various countries. That’s why we can see the powerful impact of US culture in many countries.

3) Due to globalization, foreign trade is also created and expanded in different countries throughout the world. The products which are found and used in developed countries are also available in developing countries. To export their products is an international business of these developed countries. Anyhow, each country in the world has the right to import and export products but export has some positive impacts on the economy of a country. For the purpose of fair trade all around the world, international organizations have regulated some trade activities.

4) Resource imperative is also a major positive impact of globalization on society. Its reason is that both developed and developing countries get benefits from globalization. The developed countries have capital, technology and brain power and they require human resources. On the other hand, the developing countries have human resources and they need capital, technology and brain power. With the help of globalization, both countries interact with others to get benefits.

Negative impacts of globalization on the society

Along with the positive impacts of globalization, there are also some negative impacts of globalization on society. These negative impacts are explained below;

1) There is jobs insecurity. In developed countries, their residents are losing jobs because their organizations are getting the manufacturing services from the residents of other countries like China and India. Its reason is that they will have to pay more wages to their residents than the residents of China and India.

2) Due to globalization, we can also observe some fluctuations in the prices due to the availability of different competitors in the market.

3) The chain of fast food is spreading especially in the developing countries and it has changed their way of eating.

4) The globalization has spread the Western culture all around the world.

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