Why Do College Students Face Difficulties in Assignments?

Difficulties in Assignments
Assignments and their deadline are not less than nightmares for some students. Some students love to do assignments because of their aptitude for learning new things. While others just dislike them due to the difficulties they found in doing assignments. There are many challenges that students face in doing their assignments. Assignment is not a thing that can be ignored due to its difficulty students have to do it under all circumstances. The students face difficulties in referencing. Referencing is a very much important part of the assignment writing. There are many kinds of referencing styles which include MLA, APA and HARVARD.

Told by experts of assignment writing service, each referencing style has its own format which needs proper knowledge and practice. There are numerous significant parts which are needed to compose a reference like Author name, page number, year of distribution and source. Numerous students from various countries are not acclimated to compose references in their local nation. The second problem that students face is Plagiarism. Many students face this problem when there is a significant portion of plagiarism in their assignments. This mostly happens because of the following reasons: plagiarism. Students don’t know what things they have to quote and what things should not be quoted. Sometimes they don’t know how to avoid plagiarism.

They are not familiarized with tough counterfeiting rules in their local nations. Numerous students face issues with English, so they tried to copy things from different sources. If students are doing their assignment on the last day or at the last moment they don’t have enough time to do proper research so they are left with only the option of copying things. The proper knowledge and know how about the subjects matter a lot in completing the assignment rightly and properly. If you have excellent command on English and referencing and you don’t have enough knowledge of your subject then definitely you will fail to attempt the assignment in the right way. Lack of knowledge about the subject can be of many reason, some of them are;
  • Students who are doing part time jobs with their studies don’t have enough time to read about the assignment topic or question.
  • They don’t have attended all the lectures and don’t have proper notes for getting understanding of the topic.
  • Sometimes they don’t find the right book for referencing or you can say that they don’t have the knowledge of finding the right sources for getting information or data regarding their assignment.
  • Sometimes the topic itself is very much difficult.
  • Understanding of the question is very much important. Most students don’t read the full instructions and question of the assignment, rather they give just one look to the question and pick one word that they understand and start writing about it. The right way is to read the question twice or thrice. Break it down into parts and then make a list about what the question demands.
  • Most of the students don’t know how to attempt the assignment. They don’t follow the proper format. Sometimes formatting instructions are provided by the instructor along with the question. But when these instructions are not provided students mostly get confused about what formatting they should use. 

How to Overcome These Difficulties:
There are many ways through which students can make their assignments easy and can overcome above mentioned difficulties. First of all they need to read a lot. It is better to spare some time for reading different books related to your area of specialization or degree. For example a business student should read the business magazine so that he must be aware of the latest trends in business. Reading also helps to know about different writing styles and gives you ideas about new things. Secondly if you have a topic which is very difficult or complex and you are unable to understand it or you have confusion about it then you must consult your instructor.

They can help you to provide a direction for starting the assignment. Dealing with deadlines is also very much important. It is always suggested by the experts and writers to start working on your assignment from the very first day and keep working on a daily basis so that you don’t have a portion pending for the last day. You should follow the proper format for writing the assignment. Use the formatting instruction given with the question of assignment and if they are not provided then you must use the standard styles. Use of spelling and grammar checker is very much necessary to make your work error free. Use must use a reliable plagiarism checker for making your work plagiarism free. If you don’t know how to do the citation you can use online referencing and citation tools.

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