Game-Based Learning in Higher Education

Learning in every stage is multifaceted, not only children; indeed, young people also feel tediousness when they pass through the process of higher education. So, some methods and rules are applied to engage the interest of the students in their studies. As we know that children, as well as young people, are found in video games. So, game-based learning is very useful and potential of the young generation. Game-based learning increases the engagement and promotes the successful academic career and boost retention of the studies.

Why game-based learning is so effective?

If we talk about our past, books were more prominent then another method of teaching. Teachers like to teach children according to the books. Most students who love book can gain good grades, but a large amount of the students cannot gain success due to the boring method of study. Nowadays, the method of teaching is completely changing and with the passage of time, people are learning new things in a short time. In the modern world, new concepts are created and these concepts and theories are so complicated that students are unable to understand them easily. So, different methods are introduced, but GBL is easiest way of learning and young students can learn in innovation way. The students can learn difficult theories with practical skills and playing fun games.

According to Rebecca Teed, “game-based learning uses competitive exercise, either pitting the students against each other or getting them to challenge themselves in order to motivate them to learn better”. According to the Science Education Resources Center at Carleton College, “Games often have fantasy elements that engage players in learning activity through a storyline. In order to create a truly educational game, the instructor needs to make sure that learning the materials is essential to scoring and winning”. 

The Benefits of Game-Based Learning
It increases students’ motivation: As we know that at the higher level of education, students have to write long dissertation and assignments, therefore, a student does not feel interested in their studies. So, by game-based learning student feel motivation and try to understand all the hurdles of the studies.

Improve productivity level: Game-based learning is most useful and beneficial in order to improve the productivity level. A student is able to concentrate on his study, and with the attention of full concentration, he improves the quality of education. It is one of the easiest ways of learning. 

Competitive method of learning: Game based learning creates the competition platform of learning. As we know that a student can learn very quickly in a competitive place. So, it is most useful ad beneficial for all the students to adopt game based learning system

Game-based learning boosts students’ knowledge: As we know that ramifications are most constructive for all the students, because, in this way students do not make any mistake. For example, if a student’s is learning new things, the users will give them feedback and in this way he will able to know his abilities. Getting information about his abilities, he will track good results. 

What Are the Challenges of Game-Based Learning 

With its numerous benefits, students face many challenges with game based learning methods. Some common challenges that students face in the class are given below:

Games are every time consuming when it comes up to its design and method

In the failed situation all efforts will be wasted 

Increase the fears in the minds of students 

Collecting a wide range of materials and games based learning is too much expensive 

Game based learning does not support the additional resources 

A lot of issues in the excess of the digital divide 

Basic Elements in The Game Based Learning

The best elements of game based learning can be collected online; indeed, there are many courses that students should join in order to learn new things. By collecting game based elements, a student can improve their leadership skills. A student should get advice from their teacher in game based learning process. If you want to get more information about technology, you can contact with dissertation writing service.

Avoid The Pitfalls Of Game Based Learning 

Although game based learning is so effective, you should consider the best ways to use game based learning.

Don’t play a game without proper planning.

Digital learning can support a curricular and an activity.

Get complete knowledge about the digital game based learning and apply the overall concept of your planning

Don’t focus on just playing, indeed, try to learn new things?

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