Does the ones Usage of Cell Phones Right for Your Children?

Cell phones have become an essential invention of this era because it has changed the means of communication, say the experts of buy dissertation online. Martin Cooper has provided us with an opportunity to directly communicate with others by carrying a device instead of a wire landline connection. His main aim was that everyone should have the right to talk with everyone. Nowadays, we are living in the age of android phones. Due to its unique features, android phones are not only attracting adults but these android phones are also attracting children too. From the children point of view, there are some advantages as well as some disadvantages of using mobile phones. Here, we will discuss these advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. 

Reasons to allow children to use mobile phones 

There are some advantages to the usage of cell phones for children. On the basis of these advantages, we should allow children to use cell phones. These advantages are given below; 

1) Cell phones are very helpful for students because they can easily retrieve information quickly. This information is helpful for them to clear their concepts and to solve assignments. 

2) In school or out of school, there is a possibility that students face some problems. If they have mobile phones, they can easily make calls with their parents and share their problems with them. 

3) These cell phones also allow the children to connect with their friends through social media sites and share valuable information with each other. 

4) While studying, students may get tired and they want to fresh themselves. Under such a situation, a cell phone is also a great source of entertainment for them. They can easily fresh themselves either by playing games or watching interesting videos. 

5) Students can set alarms and reminders. These alarms and reminders are helpful for them to complete their tasks before the deadline. 

6) Students also feel it easy to transfer the data from one device to another device. 

Reasons to don’t allow children to use mobile phones 

There are also some disadvantages to the usage of cell phones for children. On the basis of these disadvantages, we should not allow children to use cell phones. These disadvantages are given below; 

1) If students don’t limit the usage of mobile phones, these mobile phones will interrupt them. As a result, they will not be able to perform well in studies. 

2) These mobile phones are also a way of distraction for students. Its reason is that these mobile phones create a real-time avenue for making calls and connecting with the world via the internet. 

3) A mobile phone will also isolate a child from his family because he will find his activities on the mobile phone and he will not find enough free time to connect with other family members. 

4) If a student becomes a mobile phone enthusiast, he can also face memory loss problems. 

5) Due to the overuse of mobile phones, students can also face some health problems. 

After taking an overview of these advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, we can conclude that limited usage of cell phones for children should be allowed because it is beneficial for them but parents should constantly monitor activities of their children on the mobile phone. 

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