Can Pope Francis Really Help In To Reduce Child Sex Abuse?

Reduce Child Sex Abuse
Pope Francis was born in Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 18 December 1937. He is the cranium of the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom. Pope Francis is the well-known and most popular bishop of Rome. He is an extraordinary priest of the Jesus society. Pope Francis presents many services in society and helps to reduce child sex abuse. Here, the professional writers of cheap assignment writing services will discuss how Pope Francis helps in reducing child sex abuse.

Pope Francis presents his views about the single cause of sexual abuse, because, he was against human sacrifice. However, most people address to his summit a clerical assault on the victim. According to the bishop, it is most important that in the church single case of abuse should be discussed, because, it presents atrocity and utmost seriousness. Child sexual abuse is an exceptionally common phenomenon is all around the world. Pope Francis is against priests who say to the children “tools of Satan”.

The scandals of child sex abuse are beings discussed all around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. Pope Francis helps in order to reduce child sex abuse, because, he was the first bishop who gave ideas about child sex abuse. Approximately, after his summit about child sex abuse, 2 billion Catholic take action about sexual mistreatment. Some people complain that this issue should be discussed at a high scale, not only in the churches.

The letter of Pope Francis was published into many languages, because, it opens new acknowledgement of abuse of power. In most cases, Francis admits that the church is failed in order to act in time. He promises to give tolerance and zero tolerance section to the children. Pope Francis said,” We have realized that children are wounded by sexual abuse “. In his summit, Pope Francis condemns the atrocities and joins forces that are attracting the culture.

We can assert that the words of Pope Francis are most valuable, because, it really helps in order to reduce the child sex abuse. According to the BBC news, Children should not give the words of tools of Satan, because, they are not tools of Satan, in fact, children are the blessings of God. It is most essential that new rules and regulation about child sex abuse should be settled in order to provide justice to the children.

Pope Francis declares in his letter that God weeps on the condition of the children. According to the modern survey, 7.8 million children are the victim of the case of sex abuse. This large numbering can ruin the moral and Catholic values of the United Kingdom; therefore, it is most important that this case should be discussed very seriously. It is essential that a church should be able to condemn the sorrows and shameful values. This letter is not a sanction against bishops,in fact, it is a good description to cover up the case of sex abuse. Thus, Pope Francis ideas are really helpful in order to reduce child sex abuse.

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